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Patented Technology That Uses Body Heat To Evaporate Moisture

Comfort in clothing is greatly influenced by the temperature and humidity next to skin known as the microclimate. For the average person, the body strives to maintain an ideal core body temperature of 37.5° C. You are most comfortable when the microclimate next to your skin has a relative humidity close to 37.5%. When you are in this ideal 37.5 comfort zone, you are also in your ideal performance zone. Cocona technology helps your body manage the moisture in your microclimate to keep you in this “37.5 zone” of comfort and performance.

Technology That Enhances The Body's Efficient System

Your body already has the ultimate thermo-regulating system. The perspiration vapor that comes off of skin during activity cools the body when working hard. In fact, each gram of evaporated sweat releases 580 calories of stored heat. Unless this water vapor can be removed from the microclimate, it builds up in clothing, footwear, or gloves and creates a clammy and uncomfortable microclimate. 37.5 technology works to enhance the body’s natural cooling mechanism—the body puts out sweat to cool it down, 37.5 technology removes it from the microclimate.

How It Works

With 37.5 technology, patented active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor. Not only do these active particles provide 800% more surface area to the fiber, they also provide a unique driving force to remove moisture vapor unlike any other technology. By actively responding to body heat, the active particles use this energy from the body to accelerate the vapor movement and speed up the conversion of liquid to vapor, significantly increasing drying rates. This means the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes—and the more comfortable the garment remains.

Benefits of 37.5 Technology

37.5 technology works to keep the optimum relative humidity in your microclimate so your body more efficiently maintains an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better, longer. Fabrics made with 37.5 technology dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling. 37.5 technology is made with naturally derived materials so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin. 37.5 active particles are permanently embedded into yarn and will never wash out or degrade.

Benefits of Merino Wool

Most of us who are old enough to have spent years in the outdoors before the advent of Merino wool underlayers associate ‘wool’ with that stinky, itchy, hand-knit sweater that weighed 20 lbs when wet and smelled like your 10 year old Golden Retriever. With the advent of Merino wool garments, all of that has changed. Merino wool fibers are some of the finest found in nature and produce material so soft, durable and naturally odor resistant that they surpass synthetics in nearly every way. Despite the advances of science and the creation of soft fleece and plush cynchilla, nothing beats the feel of Merino wool. Unlike synthetics which stink when they’re dirty with sweat, wool doesn’t stink even after you’ve sweated in it for days. Not only does this mean it needs to be washed far less than your other garments, it means not getting as easily “winded” by game when it matters most. You’ll be happy to know washing your wool is easy (when it needs it) and it can be dried in the dryer as well. Wearing our Merino wool base layers will feel like you’re wearing your softest cotton T-shirt.


Sheep have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and are able to live in the freezing high alpine slopes of Siberia as well as the blistering heat of the Australian outback. Their wool coats both shelter them from the cold and protect them from the heat. Merino wool base layers do the same against our skin--they regulate body heat much better than any synthetic fabric can and will keep you comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. When it is warm, the wool transports moisture and warm air away from the skin and disperses it into the air. When it is cold, the wool traps the warm air and keeps it close to the skin.


“They can hear you twice, see you once, but if they smell you, they’re gone.” Every hunter knows the importance of minimizing human odor and there’s no fabric better at keeping B.O. to a minimum than wool. Wool absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture which then passes through the material and is released into the air instead of remaining on the skin. Transporting the moisture away from the skin and completely through the fabric is the main reason wool is so successful at controlling odor. Nylon absorbs only 4.5% and polyester a measly .4%. With these synthetic fabrics, moisture remains on the skin and the fabric creating bacteria on the skin's surface. The result is odor.


Wool absorbs light while synthetics reflect it and create a UV shine. Even wool blends with as little as 10% nylon or other synthetic material such as silver reflect light making you more visible to your prey. 100% wool has no reflection.


Wool doesn’t flap in the wind, doesn’t shear when you walk or crackle when it’s cold. Wool in motion creates no sound.

Layering Guide

First Lite Layering Guide

It’s no secret that the key to being comfortable in a wide range of hunting situations is to layer your clothing. Each layer provides the optimal performance benefits for its specific intended purpose, be that of base/next-to-skin, mid/insulating or outer/shell layer. First Lite’s layering kit deliberately built a performance system that eliminated the weak link. Its mission is to provide comfort, odor control, and thermal regulation to facilitate the perfect hunt. From early season California black tail to late season Iowa whitetail, the underlying goal is always to help you hunt at your best.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The First Lite kit uses a comprehensive approach of fabric technologies. Using focused fit and hunting specific features, we produced a series of products that are designed to work together and address the widest range of conditions with the least amount of redundancy. It effectively provides every necessary component to hunt, from hot to cold and dry to stormy. Each piece was created as a part of the whole. Though strong individually, they are optimized when used together. The First Lite layering kit is the most effective in the world.

Sizing Chart


 First Lite Men Sizing Image

SLEEVE: With elbow bent at 90 degree angle, measure from center back neck over shoulder, around elbow to mid point at back of hand.

CHEST: With arms in a relaxed position at sides, measure circumference around the fullest part of chest.

WAIST: Measure circumference around the narrowest point of waist.

HIP: Measure circumference around the fullest point of hip / seat.

INSEAM: Measure from base of crotch to ankle bone.

First Lite Men's Sizing Chart
 First Lite Women's Sizing Image

SLEEVE: With elbow bent at 90 degree angle, measure from center back neck over shoulder, around elbow to mid point at back of hand.

BUST: With arms in a relaxed position at sides, measure torso circumference around the fullest part of bust.

WAIST: Measure circumference around the narrowest point of waist.

HIP: Measure circumference around the fullest point of hip / seat.

INSEAM: Measure from seat bone / base of crotch to ankle bone.

First Lite Women's Sizing Chart



Every pair of First Lite gloves are constructed of the highest-quality materials for better performance, protection and durability. You will notice the performance difference in the field with increased comfort and dexterity.


CONFORMS TO YOUR HANDS - Our patent pending “Fit to Hunt™ construction gives you an articulated fit that improves dexterity and warmth.

MATERIALS MATTER - High-quality leathers, unique Merino wools and 37.5 technology deliver real world performance, all-day comfort and longer glove life.

OVERWRAPPED LEATHER - Goatskin reinforcement at wear/abrasion points and overwrapped stitching provide hunting specific performance, protection and durability.

First Lite Glove Sizing Image


CIRCUMFERENCE: With a fingers together in a relaxed position, measure circumference over knuckles and around palm.

LENGTH: Measure from base of palm to end of middle finger.

First Lite Glove Sizing Chart